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Updated: 2019-09-17

There’s no research confirming a link between the classic yo-yo string toy and the fabric yo-yo, but they are both round, both peaked in popularity in the 1930s-40s in the United States, and both are pretty, dang fun! So, we’re happy to link them together as two points along a playful continuum. A fabric yo-yo is a smallpersonalized pillow cases, ruched rosette. It’s most often associated with quilting, and antique yo-yo quilts can be quite stunning, but it’s a fun bit of dimensional embellishment that can be used on any number of projects. At it’s simplest, the yo-yo is just a small gathered circle. When cinched up tight it produces a smooth “button” effect on one side and a pretty rippled confection on the other. You can make them by hand, and we summarize those steps below, but we prefer to use the Clover Quick Yo-Yo Makers. These small plastic devices are incredibly affordable, and make the job of stitching yo-yos easier and more uniform.?

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We’re outlining the steps here for using the standard round Yo-Yo Makers. Clover also offers clever shapes: Hearts, Flowers, Butterflies, and Shamrocks.?

Of the round options, we selected the standard Small Yo-Yo Maker that produces 1?” yo-yos, a Large Yo-Yo Maker that produces 1?” yo-yos, and an Extra Large Yo-Yo Maker that produces 2?” yo-yos. In addition to these three round options we tested, there is also an Extra Small that produces ?” yo-yos and a Jumbo Maker that produces 3?” yo-yos. In the photos below, the Extra Large Yo-Yo Maker is featured.?

Even if you’re a sewing beginner or someone not used to hand stitching, this tool allows you to create perfectly spaced stitches that turn into perfectly shaped yo-yos.

Yo-yos are great for using up scraps or small pre-cuts. And, it’s a perfectly portable technique – make them anywhere, anytime.

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