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Updated: 2019-09-24

Good morning, my crafty friends. Yesterday, Cutting Edge Stencils shared a super easy DIY Christmas craft using our Holiday stencils.? Well we are in full blown decorating mode! Today, we want to show you how to add a splash of Holiday cheer using our sister company, Paint-A-Pillow.? These DIY accent pillows are easypersonalized pillow cases, fun, and will have you smiling from ear to ear.? Come take a look…;

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We’;d like to welcome back Kristen, the clever crafter behind the blog Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. You might recall the awesome Little Diamonds stenciled teepee that she created for her daughter.

Adorable, right?? Well you can find that tutorial here.? Once this adorable nook was complete, it inspired Kristen to give her living room a mini-makeover.? She swapped out the couch and added a new accent rug but something was missing.? That’;s when we reached out to her see if she wanted to try using our new accent pillow kit,? Paint-A-Pillow.? Kristen jumped at the chance to add some personalized pattern decor to her space.? She discussed the project with her neighbor and design enthusiast, Kristina.? The duo both decided to make a set of pillows and ordered the Oasis? Paint-A-Pillow kit along with a couple of extra pillow covers, fabric paint in several shades, and small round studs.? Are you curious to see how it all turned out?? We’;ll give you a sneak peek before we fill you in on how to recreate the pillows.

Kristen went with a bright yet wintery color combo for her stenciled accent pillows.

Kristina on the other hand was inspired by a bit of Christmas cheer when crafting her accent pillows.

Well now that you’;re gushing over how gorgeous these look, here’;s what they did.? The kit comes with everything they needed to complete the project so they opened up the box and were ready to go.

Kristen poured the turquoise Jacquard fabric paint into a foam dish.?? She used the stencil brush to paint the fun geometric pattern.

** If you’;re recreating this at home, be careful not to overload the brush with paint.? Brush off the excess paint onto a folded paper towel until the brush looks almost dry.? The key to stenciling is using as little paint as possible.? Too much paint will cause the design to bleed and smudge.

When painting a design that has two colors, we always recommend painting the lighter color first.? Once the turquoise was painted, Kristen went back and painted the rest of the design in black.

After the entire pillow cover was painted, Kristen peeled back the metal tabs holding the stencil in place and cleaned off the stencil in the sink. While Kristen chose not to embellish her accent pillow, Kristina loved the idea of adding small round studs. She simply pushed the studs through the fabric and folded the metal tips using a pencil eraser.

When the pillow covers were complete, they stuffed the inserts inside.? Ready to see how the new accent pillows look in their living rooms?

Kristen says, “;I love the idea of being able to create your own custom pillow. Just knowing I painted our pillows myself makes me love them that much more. ”;

We love the splash of red that Kristina’;s Christmas themed accent pillows add to her space.

Looking for more Paint-A-Pillow fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!

Michelle and the Paint-A-Pillow Team

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