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Updated: 2019-12-03

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It all started when I saw two coordinating hutches listed on Facebook Marketplace. See, our new kitchen is teeny-tiny, and will never have enough cabinet space. I knew I needed to get creative with extra dining room storage.

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I rented a Menards pickup truck, but when I got therepersonalized pillow cases, one of the hutches was already sold (an honest mix-up, since he had like 9 Ethan Allen hutches to sell). Then I spotted an antique wardrobe in the back corner. I tried to act super disappointed, while my dad acted like we shouldn’;t buy anything at all. All-in-all, I walked away with two Ethan Allen hutches and this antique wardrobe for $170. What a deal!

I decided to use the hutches elsewhere, and use my new antique wardrobe for added pantry space in the dining room.

I needed to add shelves, but I definitely do NOT possess expert carpentry skills. I knew that a track shelving system of some sort would be my best bet.

I knew one thing for certain: I did NOT want white track shelving and laminate shelves. No. No. No!

So, I was able to find tan-colored track shelving that I thought would blend better with the wood stain and cut custom shelving at The Home Depot.

Here’;s exactly what I used:

Once I had my shelves in place, I quickly filled up my new pantry cabinet with all of my baking supplies. I love having all of my baking essentials in one spot! And p.s. –; how gorgeous are my new pantry jar labels? They’;re a quick and easy DIY.

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