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Updated: 2019-12-02

If your bedroom leaves a lot to be desired there are a number of ways that you can personalise the room and transform it into a peaceful haven. Today we offer you some interior design ideas to adopt or adapt in your bedroom to make it feel like home. Statement headboards remain on-trend this year, so with a little ingenuity and interior design flair you can rustle up a large headboard to cover dingy wallpaper or far from perfect walls. The larger the better when it comes to making a statement – however, do try and keep things in proportion.

If creating your own statement headboard isn't within your handy skills remit than why not use cheap curtains and hang them the entire length of the wall. Alternatively if you're permitted to drills holes in the walls you could use metal or wooden curtain poles to hang lengths of opulent fabrics such as silkpersonalized pillow cases, satin and organza or simple tab-top cushions. Dressing screens are also a great way to disguise walls and wallpaper – you can make your own using a simple wooden frame, fabric and a staple gun, alternatively a filled-in screen can be wallpapered to bring pattern into a plain room.

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You could also use the screen to hang jewellery, scarves or as a personal pin-board with photographs of family and friends. Duvet cover sets and luxury bedding is another way to inject colour and personalise the bedroom. Shop online for the best deals and choose a colour and pattern which compliments the room's décor (if that's possible!). As we've mentioned in our other posts this week cheap rugs are an ideal way to add comfort and colour to floors. Stepping onto your very own rug may give you the psychological boost you need while in your temporary rented home.

Accessories can also make a bedroom feel and look more intimate and personal. Include boudoir styled cushions and on-trend bed runners on the bed to add interest and chic elegance. Remember that all of these soft furnishings can be taken with you when you move so they are well worth the initial investment. You may be restricted or limited to any décor alterations you can make in a rented home, however, there are so many ways you can perk it up and personalise it that you'll be able to make it a place that you can call home, even if it is only on a temporary basis.

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