personalized pillow cases Halloween Costume Ideas- Very Low-Sew POODLE SKIRT pillow case baby
Updated: 2020-03-27

Time for another costume…;…;but this one is for the girls!!?

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(In case you’;ve missed the other simple Halloween costume ideas, there are several waiting for you!? These are simple ideas that don’;t take a lot of time/skill to make.)

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to wear twirly skirts for Halloween.? They didn’;t always incorporate well…;..but I always wanted something full and twirly.? (My older sister had an old Flag Twirler skirt that I would try and wear as often as I could.? I loved that ratty old thing!)

So, when I read that a few of you wanted to see how to make a poodle skirt…;…;.I kinda smiled, remembering by own obsession with twirly skirts as a girl.

So today…;…;.I HAPPILY created a little Poodle Skirt for those who requested it.?

This full and twirly skirt could truly work for just about anything.

50’;s girl…;..CHECK!? Cheerleader…;..CHECK!? Princess…;…;CHECK!? Southern Belle…;..CHECK!? Little Bo Peep…;..CHECK!

Just add a few different accessories…;..and you have a nice and simple costume! :)

Because the skirt is made from felt…;…;.it holds its shape so well.? Oooooohpersonalized pillow cases, a circle skirt never disappoints in the “;fullness”; category.

AND, no hemming is needed.? In fact, the only thing sewn is the elastic waistband.? The poodle and leash are hot glued on.? And that’;s because this is a costume…;..and you can take short cuts like that! :)

And in case you’;re wondering, yes, hip swiveling is totally allowed in a Poodle Skirt.? And is encouraged.

As well as twirling.?

No surprise here…;…;.but the twirl of this skirt is what Elli loves the most.

Would you like to make your own Poodle Skirt??

Okay, let’;s hop to it…;


First of all, follow the instructions of this Circle Skirt Dress, to cut out the main portion of the skirt from your felt.? (I made the center circle bigger than my daughter’;s actual waist side, because I wanted the skirt to gather in even more than just the natural drape of the circle.)

Then, follow the Square Circle Skirt tutorial for measuring the elastic, sewing the ends together, and then pinning it to your skirt base.

Zig-zag your elastic to your felt skirt, overlapping by a 1/2 inch.? (Follow the instructions for the Square Circle Skirt tutorial as well.)

Then, cut out your poodle paper template and use it as a guide to cut out your poodle.

Then Hot glue your felt poodle right to your skirt.

Then, add embellishments to the poodle, as a little collar.? And then add ribbon or string as the leash.

And that’;s it.? Your little Poodle Skirt is ready to wear!



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