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Updated: 2019-11-29

As the sunshine slowly but surely shows its face and the British nation builds its hope for a good summer; citrus colours such as yellow and lime are being launched as hot trend for interior design this spring 2009. Whether it’s a bright buttercup yellow or softer lemon sorbet, yellow brings an energetic, fresh, clean and vibrant energy to your home and is suitable for any room or style property. Although previously designing using yellow has been branded with warnings, this article aims to show you how, when teamed with black, yellow can be a sophisticatedpersonalized pillow cases, year round, elegant and easy to use colour for the home.

The first and most important element to consider when combining yellow and black; two very powerful colours, is shade. For a softer finish choose a pastel yellow or mustard and team with a lighter charcoal grey. For a more contemporary or vibrant finish use sunflower yellow and jet black and add a level of depth and maturity by using a powdery grey or white for accents. Similarly, for a more unique and striking finish, go to the extremes and use jet black and lemon or sunflower yellow and soft grey. Please note; if you opt for the later option, be confident of your design abilities and your understanding of space and scale.

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Once you have decided which shades would be best for your room you then have to consider how and where to apply these colours. Generally speaking bright yellow and jet black should be confined to accessories, accents, patterns and feature walls. For example, keep your walls a very soft lemon shade, add a black chaise longue and accessorise with white, pastel yellow and bright yellow cushions. The contrast between the pale yellow and jet black will create a design feature that in essence is bright and vibrant but doesn’t become too overpowering.

If you would prefer to use brighter shades more frequently, to create a sophisticated finish, introduce the colours in striped or pattern fabric or wallpaper as opposed to a large painted mass. To balance this area of pattern and vibrancy keep your furniture relatively simplistic and modest. Alternatively, paint the wall your chosen colour and add antique, retro or highly textured mirrors or frames to decorate the area and reduce the paint box feel.

Finally, if you do not have the budget to begin painting or wallpapering? your room you can still? easily create a very effective black and yellow design scheme. For example, keep your walls white and consider buying chunky black frames and inserting yellow and black patterned wallpaper. Choose black or white bedding and curtains and add cost effective vases, storage boxes, lamps, cushions or throws in your chosen shades of yellow and grey.

Whatever style you are wishing to achieve: classic or contemporary, with careful choice of shade a yellow and black room can create a highly effective and unique design scheme. Carefully consider the tones you choose and how these change the overall finish. Similarly, break up large expanses of colour using pattern, textured items, grey and white accents.

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