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Updated: 2019-09-25

We just love looking in the mirror.. err I mean finding ourselves on the pages of magazines! This time, we were featured in Your Home and Lifestyle Magazine‘;s February 2013 issue! Can we get a “;WOOHOO!?”; We love the love of the DIY mags, and boy, do they know what they are talking about when they talk stencils! This issue’;s spotlighted items?: our Vintage Paisley Stencil and Kathy Peterson’;s Vines Craft Stencil! These stencil patterns are great for use on home decor, so keep reading for how this mag’;s featured stencil ideas can help turn your decorating dreams into reality!

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Hey, LOOK! That’;s our photo of the Vintage Paisley stenciled pillow we’;ve got on our websitemonogram pillow cases, except this time it’;s turning heads as you turn to page 8 of Your Home and Lifestyle magazine! We’;ve been witness to this design painted on walls and used for awesome art pieces, but the paisley pillow might just be our favorite. This pattern is super versatile, and the best part is that you can EASILY DIY on your pillows at home! Our Vintage Paisley stencil can bring an elegant, gypsy design to your home decor, and if you love it, don’;t stop there! Stencil your curtains and furniture with it too! We promise, it’;ll look great!?If you’;re dying to get your hands on the stencil responsible for the pretty pillow, shop Cutting Edge Stencils’;?Vintage Paisley?now and get DIYing! Actually, while you’;re at it, check out our how to stencil a pillow tutorial?for some helpful tips and examples!

Recently, we also showed you how to stencil a lampshade?with our?Japanese Maple Leaves 6 pc Stencil Set. BUT, our Vines Craft Stencil from the Kathy Peterson designer series looks just as fabulous and adorable on the lampshade featured in Your Home and Lifestyle mag (and on our site)! This stencil can make any home decor piece look cute in a pretty way, and as you can tell, this lamp shade sure does NOT lack style! When it comes to DIY stenciling, you can customize your pattern with any paint color you desire and make your project your own! Although we love those vines in black on this lamp, you might choose a bold primary color to stand out among your other decor depending on the style of your home! We know you want to steal this lamp right off your screen, but a more realistic approach may be to buy your own Vines Craft Stencil, which retails for $17.95, and create your own!

These craft projects are a great way to spruce up your home and give your decor a little love! Shop Cutting Edge Stencils today and start your stencil projects ASAP! Don’;t forget to “;LIKE”; us on?Facebook?to see some beautiful customer photos and follow us on Twitter to hear the latest CEStencils news!

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Melissa and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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