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Updated: 2019-12-04

Whilst we're still embracing the heat wave in the UK and taking every opportunity to throw open the doors and windows to let the light shine in and the fresh breeze blow; .

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Get creative with some Sheer Colour!?

Voiles have come a long way in colour choice as well and no longer is the palette limited to only white or cream. You can add practical shade with style and colour with today's extensive choice of coloured and patterned voiles and create some stunning summer transformations at your windows; so here's some sheer colour inspiration for you:

Plain eyelet headed voiles in a striking colour make a simplistic but stunning statement on tall or wide windows; and hang in beautiful columns to either side of the window, adding colour as well as elegant style.

Plain slot-top headings are super easy to install and look great on their own or can be dressed up a little with some coordinating lightweight tie-backs.

.such as our Earle collection available in a veritable rainbow of eye catching colours.?

?These glass and satin-bead combination accessories are the perfect length and weight for lightweight curtain panels such as voiles; and the glass beads only add to the attractive, light and floaty appearance of the transparent and reflective look and feel of voile.

Fixed metal hold backs are another great way of keeping your voile panels elegantly and stylishly tucked back from your windows

.and create another perfect opportunity to add a bit of styling and detail to your décor or to match other accessories such as your pole or light fittings.

Patternedmonogram pillow cases, floral or striped voiles can look chic and modern or pretty and feminine and can add subtle details without over doing things, so here's just a small collection of the vast range available form our extensive product range at Terry's Fabrics:

Fifty Shades?

And if white and cream is too subtle for you, but you're amongst the colour cautious too, then what a bout some lovely subtle shades of grey to add some mid-tone style to your summer décor and to keep you as cool as a cucumber?

View our full range of voile and sheer curtains here

Cut out your stockings. You will need two of the outside fabric and two of the lining fabric for each stocking. I find it’s easiest to do this by folding your fabric in half (right or wrong sides together) and cutting out, that way you have mirror images of your stockings. If you are cutting out the stockings on an electronic cutting machine, make sure you make a copy of the stocking and then mirror it so you have both sides of the stocking.

First of all, our home is anything but perfect, just ask anyone who stops by. It’s often chaotic, filled with three little girls, my husband Chris, our dog Dusty, my random projects and myself. I am frequently asked “how do you stay organized?” Well, in so many ways. I have shared about it from room to room, but thought I’d share it all here today. And, let’s be honest, it didn’t hurt to be pregnant twice in the last two years either! Here are my home organization tips that can be done in a few minutes or a nap time.Where to start? Mudroom? I need to take updated photos of this space to show you how it’s used, but it varies from season to season, which is what makes it work so well. In the Spring/Summer, you’ll find the baskets filled with baseball hats, sunscreen and bonnets. In Fall/Winter they’re filled with hats & gloves. This serves as our main coat closet. Having a landing spot is SO important for me…it keeps the otherwise tossed aside items in an organized manner. The girls’ shoes go in the basket below the bench. This room is also our laundry room, so there is a corner hamper and on a hidden hook in the mudroom side, a bag that holds our dry cleaning.

I started my sewing journey many, many years ago with hand sewing. And, truth be told, I am most comfortable with the needle in hand rather than attached to a machine with a motor!