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Updated: 2019-09-24

Happy Monday my DIY artists!? Cutting Edge Stencils strongly believes that pretty works of art don’;t always have to come from the pros.? In fact we are still in love with the reclaimed wood art trend that seems to be spiraling around Pinterest.? Just to refresh your memory, reclaimed wood art is basically re-using lumber that you may already have to create a decorative piece of art in your house. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn’t it?? Well today we have a super fun DIY stenciled pallet idea for you!? Let’;s take a look.

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We’;d like to introduce you to Hollymonogram pillow cases, one of the most awesome DIY crafters and blogger behind 504 Main.? Holly was having trouble finding art that fit her kitchen space.? After searching high and low for the right piece, she decided to create her own.? Since pallet art is a huge trend and stenciling makes DIY art super easy, Holly combined the two to create the perfect piece of art.? First she ordered our Bon Appetit Large Wall Stencil.? The stencil pattern reminded her of the giant spoon and fork that her grandparents had hanging in their house.? She had fond memories of staring at it as a child and wanted to replicate the look but with a modern twist for her home.?? Next she needed to source some wood to create the canvas.? Luckily, Holly had some old wood in her garage left over from a previous project.? To find out how she created the wooden canvas, check out her post on the DIY Club.

Once she had a blank pallet, she was ready to begin stenciling.?? Holly wiped down the wood to ensure it was clean before she started stenciling.? Then she placed the stencil across the wood and secured it with painters tape.

Then Holly painted on the pattern using DecoArt’s Black using a dense foam roller.? If you’;re recreating this project, the be sure to pour your paint into a Styrofoam plate.? Then dip your roller into the paint being careful that you’;re not over-coating the roller.? Try rolling off excess paint on a paper towel prior to painting.? This will help prevent any bleed.? It’;s important to build your paint coverage in layers for the cleanest lines possible.? Wait 2-3 minutes for the paint to dry a little before removing the stencil from the wood.? Ready to see how it all turned out?

Haven’t had enough stenciling fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

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Temporary?tattoos?adhere to a pumpkin just like they would to your skin.?All you need is a pretty design. Here, a flock of?fluttering butterflies and a?creepy-crawly scarab would be at home in any cabinet of curiosities.

photo: maria robledo