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Updated: 2020-03-31

Have you seen Oz the Great and Powerful yet? ?My family and I sat down to watch it last week and absolutely loved it. ?I thought I had such a great message about overcoming obstacles and believing in yourself.

Any time I watch a movie I’;m always inspired by the costumes. ?I adore seeing the way ?the costume designer in the movie puts together fabrics and colors to create the look and mood of the movie.

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In Oz I fell in love with the character of the China Doll. She’;s adorable and spunky. ? Her ?costume is equally adorable. A cute blue dress with a lace overlay and a blue striped belt. I decided that I would try to recreate the look of the dress but in a t-shirt for my daughter!

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Here’;s how you do it:

You’;ll need:

To begin, lay your lace over your t shirt and pin. ?Make sure that the bottom finished edge of the lace is even with the bottom of your t-shirt.

Use a fabric marking pen to mark the collar and sleeve seams on the lace.

With the lace pinned very well on the t-shirt trim the lace even with the sides of the t-shirt, the sleeve seams and the collar. ?You’;ll need sharp scissorsmonogram pillow cases, go slow.

Machine stitch up the side seams of the t-shirt catching the lace as you go. Hide your stitching line in the t-shirt side seam.

You’;ll need to hand stitch the sleeve seams and the collar. Just do this with a simple running seam (trim off any extra lace when done).

If your lace trim is not already gathered, gather it ?(that way it will go around the curve of the collar smoothly). ?Machine stitch the lace to the collar. ?This will hide your hand stitching lines around the collar.

For one last touch, tie the ribbon around the t-shirt to use as a belt.

You’;re done! ?Now you’;ve got a lace trimmed t-shirt just like the China Doll in the Movie! Ready to go and kill the Witch???

Oz is available now on Blue Ray. We really did love the movie.

*Disclosure: This is a paid post through Blueprint Social. All opinions are 100% mine.

To continue my discussion of minimalism, I wanted to share how we incorporated it into the?design?of our home.

How gorgeous are these DIY ear warmers?? I love all the different styles you can make from one tute as well. When I spied these on Delia Creates I just had to beg Delia to share the DIY with you, and lucky us, she agreed! Take it away Delia: With autumn here and winter right around the corner, it is the perfect time to make these easy DIY ear warmers! These are so fun and quick to make, you may want to make four…like I did! All it takes is an old wool sweater or 1/4 yard of fleece, scissors, thread, and a sewing machine. Pretty simple. For this one?I used an old wool sweater that got ruined in the wash and became semi-felted.

Being a little sister has its challenges, I see that now. Ameli constantly looks up to her sister, imitates her and wants to do the same things. Most of them she can do but there's one she can't - go to preschool. Although she'll start soon, this September wasn't easy for her. Lily went back to school after the summer break and Ameli wanted to join the kids. I wanted to find an idea to make this easier for her, to make her feel like a big girl. And since she likes packing her sisters backpack, I decided to make her a backpack, too.