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Updated: 2019-12-02

Having a conservatory can give you a wonderful, uplifting feeling of nature at its finest. Being able to look at the plants and trees as they bloom, the snow as it falls, sparkling in the sunmonogram pillow cases, or to watch the different varieties of birds as they play. Keep the balance of this room in harmony with adjoining rooms and let the feeling follow you inside.

Modern, Fresh and Comfortable No one sits in a conservatory in a straight-backed chair or primly in the edge of a sofa. Use furniture that you can lay into, tuck your feet beneath, and really relax. There are several ways to accomplish this and still keep a modern form that compliments other nearby areas. Look for an old couch that is squared along the edges.

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Visit a fabric store online and look at upholstery or cheap curtain fabric that can turn an old piece of furniture into a new modern sofa. With cheap cushions and colourful throw pillows, this timeless piece can turn into your most comfortable space. Keep the colour neutral but add some texture with a tweed or burlap fabric. Snuggle Up Flooring Increase the uplifting mood of the room by basking the floor with cheap rugs that are fuzzy or shagged.

Choose a darker neutral colour to keep the value of the outdoors close at hand and never be afraid to take off your shoes and enjoy the texture. The feeling will make the grass, outside, look like silk as a breeze catches the tiny blades. You will imagine floating in the wind, not a care in the world. Never spoil your room with heavy curtains but a sweeping voile can add depth and balance.

Keep it the same colour as your walls so as not to take away from the main event, nature. If you want a side table for magazines or drinks, select one that is simple and neutral. Think about side chairs that can add a spot of fun to the room. A modern rocking chair, a hanging bubble chair, or colourful, odd shaped Ottomans can bring a touch of festivity to the relaxing conservatory. It will only take a few dashes of bright colour to keep this area modern and uplifting. The tone will be one of bliss when you look into your conservatory and hear the atmosphere call your name.

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As we have seen since the interior design trends for 2010 focus heavily on the beauty inspired by nature and earth's natural elements. This provides us with a palette of brilliant natural colours derived from nature. Textured surfaces also focused upon with light and feathery fabrics being used in conjunction with scoured surfaces, with materials being assembled in unusual and unexpected ways.