monogram pillow cases Halloween Costume Ideas- Minions from Dispicable Me pillow case baby
Updated: 2020-03-27

This past summer, we took all three kiddos to the theater to see Dispicable Me II.? I never saw the first one, and frankly, I didn’;t really care to see the second one.? But oh my…;…;.we ALL loved it!? Such a cute little movie.

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Anyway…;..after we saw it, I remember the kiddos saying that they wanted to be minions for Halloween.? Wellmonogram pillow cases, that was like 37 ideas ago, so they didn’;t actually make my kids’; final cut.? Ha!

But many of you were curious as to how to make one…;…;and the ideas that I had brewing in my head, would have taken too long to be a “;simple”; costume idea for this month.

However, I found so many ideas around the web that are ADORABLE!!? So maybe one of these will be helpful…;

These little hats from Make and Takes is kinda the direction my brain was going.? And if you can’;t find yellow beanies…;..try making your own hat, like the Penguin costume.

However, if you don’;t want to make your own glasses…;…;how about buying some steampunk goggles like these:

Another clever idea is to use a yellow hooded sweatshirt and build your costume from that, like Andrea from One Creative Housewife.? Cute!

Or create a stuffed minion head from a basic sweatshirt construction, like Jessica from Running with Scissors.? How cute is that?!!! And check out that little Gru! Ha!

Or…;…;if you want to go really simple, I thought these hard hats were a clever idea from Coolest Homemade Costumes.

Or how about a cute little crocheted hat, like this one from Behind the Hook…;…;or maybe make your own??? (I don’;t crochet…;.so I’;m not sure how easy/difficult this would be.)

Or if you’;re feeling really ambitious…;…;…;how about making a Minion Costume from a garbage can with a rounded lid like they did at Coolest Handmade Costumes.? So clever!

Or create your own mold with some flexible paneling and some paper mache, like Sarah did from While They Snooze.? Loved this too!

And to top it all off…;…;why not make some of these darling Minion Cake Pops, from Bakerella.? Ha…;…;SO DARN CUTE!!

Anyway, if you’;re thinking of making your kiddos a Minion Costume…;..hopefully these ideas will help!

Now, get going—;—;-

Gather your supplies…;…;.and get measuring/gluing/cutting/sewing!!!!!!

And another thing…;…;.enjoy your weekend!


To continue my discussion of minimalism, I wanted to share how we incorporated it into the?design?of our home.

How gorgeous are these DIY ear warmers?? I love all the different styles you can make from one tute as well. When I spied these on Delia Creates I just had to beg Delia to share the DIY with you, and lucky us, she agreed! Take it away Delia: With autumn here and winter right around the corner, it is the perfect time to make these easy DIY ear warmers! These are so fun and quick to make, you may want to make four…like I did! All it takes is an old wool sweater or 1/4 yard of fleece, scissors, thread, and a sewing machine. Pretty simple. For this one?I used an old wool sweater that got ruined in the wash and became semi-felted.

Being a little sister has its challenges, I see that now. Ameli constantly looks up to her sister, imitates her and wants to do the same things. Most of them she can do but there's one she can't - go to preschool. Although she'll start soon, this September wasn't easy for her. Lily went back to school after the summer break and Ameli wanted to join the kids. I wanted to find an idea to make this easier for her, to make her feel like a big girl. And since she likes packing her sisters backpack, I decided to make her a backpack, too.