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Updated: 2019-11-29

Faux or fake fur is becoming an increasingly popular material in home design. With growing media attention focusing on the terrible methods used to obtain real fur, it is now a real fashion and home design no-no. Due to the fact that people still want that feeling of luxury and expense that used to go hand in hand with fur, makers of faux fur have really increased the quality of their products. Today you can barely tell the difference between fake and for realmonogram pillow cases, meaning you can now enjoy all the benefits of fur without the previously associated guilt. Acrylic furs for example, with no-skid backings are luxurious and beautiful and passable as the real thing.

The most sensual and luxurious fabrics are converted into hundreds of varieties of faux fur rugs. Beautiful both to touch and to look at these life saving imitations add vibrancy and a touch of the exotic in a way only fur can.

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Rugs are a great way to include faux fur around the house. A large rug can define an area and provide a natural centre point in a room for seating to be arranged around. Try furry sheepskin or a printed ocelot rug in your living room; or a zebra print rug under your dining room table. Better yet for real opulence, pick up a Mongolian lamb area rug and place it at the foot of your bed- winter morning chills will be a thing of the past.

Lavish yet functional, the 100% acrylic is super soft, and to top it all it is machine washable. This ease of cleaning is something that has finally given faux fur a real edge over its dated predecessor. One really interesting rug I found is bound to delight your children! It's a faux fur bear rug complete with an open mouth with fur teeth and tongue and fur claws! It's cute, non-threatening and a soft cuddle-up toy for your kids.

A throw is the other obvious way to use faux fur. There are a huge number of faux fur throw rugs which look perfect hung over the back of a settee or a bed and will really keep you cosy when cuddled up to watch a movie. They can now be bought in a range of colours to suite your existing scheme. A plush plum coloured rug is sure to do its job in style on a winter’s night and with most throws made up of one hundred percent acrylic fur and polyester lining they are now really breathable and comfortable to sleep on

Faux fur can also be used much more subtly when used solely as part of the finishing touches and detailing to a room. Cheap cushions in a faux fur finish add a little bit of luxury to a minimal living area or bedroom. Smaller cheap rugs can also be used as playful finishing touches in a child’s room or play area- your children will really appreciate their softness and comfort. Beanbags, pet pillows and seat cushions are further ways to make use of the wonder and warmth of faux fur.

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