monogram pillow cases Deck the Halls with boughs of cobwebs- Halloween Decorating Ideas customized baby gifts
Updated: 2020-03-05

Have you enjoyed all of the Halloween posts this week? I hope you have! ?I thought I’;d end my Halloween “;craft a palozza”; with some shots of the decorations in my house.

As I was putting out my decorations, the thought did cross my mind that I was INTENTIONALLY adding cobwebs to my house…; and heaven knows I’;ve got plenty of those that spring up on their own.

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So here’;s my Halloween house- beware –; photo heavy post!

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We have a Trunk-or-Treat every year with the members of our church congregation.? I don’t know if you’re familiar with a Trunk-or-Treat…..but it’s a simple and safe way to allow trick-or-treating, in a controlled area.? Generally those participating will park their cars in a parking lot and will open their trunks to trick-or-treaters and will pass out candy as the children come by.? However, our church congregation holds the Trunk-or-Treat on a day other than October 31st because there are still plenty of safe neighborhoods that many of us take our children to.? Because why not stretch out Halloween for as long as we can?? ;)? So for our congregation, it’s just an excuse for friends and neighbors to get together and have a little Halloween party inside of the church, with a fun little Trunk-or-Treat out in the parking lot afterwards.

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monogram pillow cases