monogram pillow cases DIY Picture Frame Card Box personalized wedding gifts
Updated: 2020-01-18

My friend Jackie had a super-cute card box for her wedding and she was wonderful enough to share with me how to make one for mine.


burlap throw pillow covers

-4 wood picture frames with thick frames, depth wise, in your color choice (in the size you want the boxmonogram pillow cases, mine hold 8 x 10 pictures)

-2 pieces of wood for the top and bottom of the box

-small handle to open and close the box

-8 small L-brackets that have short screws so they won't go through the whole frame

-1 larger (2″;) L-bracket to hold the card box open/shut

-2 small hinges for the top of the box

-spray paint for the bottom of the box (and for the frames if you can't find the color you want)



1) start by spray painting all of your materials (if needed) make sure that you take the glass out of the frames and set the frames up in square, off-setting each side

2)? pre-drill holes for where the 8 small L-brackets which will hold the frames together

3)? screw the L-brackets into place and put in your pictures and glass

4)? measure the outside rim of the box to to know the measurements of the top and bottom squares will be, set aside

5)? measure, cut and sand the wood for the top and bottom box

6)? paint the bottom piece of wood (let dry) and set aside

11)? pre-drill the holes for the hinges

12)? screw on the hinges

13)? flip the box onto its top and decide where the large L-bracket will go (this will keep the lid open enough for cards, but closed enough so no one can steal them!)

14)? pre-drill the hole for the L-bracket

15)? screw the L-bracket into place starting with the lid

16)? pre-drill the holes to attach the bottom of the box

17)? screw on the bottom of the box

18) screw on handle to the top of the box

Whatcha think?

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