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Updated: 2020-01-17

We sit down with Studio curator Jo Tarjan to discuss our new way of living.

Sheridan Studio builds on quality foundations of our iconic Australian brand. Continuing the successful brand evolution seen over the past 50 years, we saw opportunity to extend our quality brand name into other product categories, allowing the customer to create beautiful Australian living throughout the home.

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Customers can now buy into the Sheridan aesthetic and quality across many new exciting categories – including Australian custom-made furniture, Sheridan design studio hand-painted wall art and wallpaper, vases, planters and terrariumsmonogram pillow cases, bath accessories and floor rugs…just to name a few.

Sheridan is about creating beautiful Australian living, how have you kept these values whencuratingstudio?

Our in-house designers travel to a different location in Australia each season deriving the seasonal direction for the brand. Drawing on the inspiration of the unique Australian flora, fauna and landscape, the new lifestyle categories focus on the colour palette and materials that complement the textile direction for the season. For each of the categories I focus on keeping to the honest, organic and luxurious quality that is synonymous to the brand.

What are the key trends you are seeing in homewares this season?

For furniture we have seen the continuation of velvet in both the bedroom and living room. The new Australian made Harper collection talks to the contemporary offering of understated luxury with Italian sourced, brushed gold legs.

Creating an indoor greenery experience through the placement of planters and terrariums dotted throughout your rooms is also a continuing trend. Whether it be your living room, bedroom or bathroom, the trend of handwoven hanging planters, handcrafted ceramics and statement terrariums overgrown with nature is an opportunity to remind you of the beautiful Australian lifestyle.

What are your must have styling pieces for the home?

I always start any room with a beautiful handwoven woollen rug like Ayr.The understated luxury immediately adds subtle texture to any room. In the bedroom the Harper Bed is a must – the heightened bed head with the brushed gold legs is a timeless piece to showcase your beautiful bedding, cushions and throws.

To make any home instantly more lived in, add a feature wall art gallery. My particular favourite is mixing frames and subjects. A great combination are pieces like Westcourt, Leeton and Midnight Fleur with their blend of hand painting and sketching techniques with a complimentary colour palette and variation in frames.

Building small stacks of coffee table books in any room will add a soulful touch to your living space. My personal favourites House of Plants, In the mood for Colour and Imperfect Home take you into the creative world of interior styling and indoor greenery. Not to mention their alluring hard covers and inspiring photography add colour and interest to any side table or bookshelf in your home.

Adding the final pieces to creating beautiful Australian Living within your home, vignettes of ceramic vases and planters like Lena, Rhian, Villa and Macy are ideal. Mixed in with terrariums like the Aliah greenhouse and Manduri prism, filled with beautiful greenery, a single stem of Australian natives or succulents, you can create your own little reminder of the Australian outdoors in any room of the house.

View our video of Sheridan Studio below.


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